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Weddings are wonderful! You get to witness your best friends join their lives forever. You get to dance, eat good food, drink a little too much, and at the end of the day you've made some great memories. The only problem with memories is they fade, after 25 years who remembers the fine details? That’s why photos are amazing, they have this fantastic quality of never forgetting. Make sure your memories are saved forever!

All of our wedding packages include:
• Two professional photographers
• High quality post processing of all final images
• A free engagement session where we get acquainted and you get some beautiful photos to celebrate your engagement
• An online gallery of the final images you can share with all your family & friends for one year. ($29 per additional year or $99 for five years)

We also offer gift-albums starting at $30 and full size albums starting at $100. For those who would rather have their photos in-hand as well as online we offer the option to have them delivered on an external hard drive for $50.

4 Hour Coverage - Just the fun parts - $1,499
Perfect for short informal weddings and receptions.

6 Hour Coverage - The essentials, and then some - $1,999
This is a great package for those who want plenty of time for family photos, beautiful wedding portraits, plus lots of candid photos at the reception!

8 Hour Coverage - Don't miss a thing! - $2,499
Most people choose this package because it provides plenty of time to get shots of the bride and groom getting ready before their big day. Then the rest of the day falls into place nicely and no one feels like they’re looking at the clock. After the ceremony, formals, and bride & groom portraits this option allows for lots of dancing, cake cutting, bouquet/garter toss, wedding games, and more dancing at the reception!

10 Hour Coverage - The whole darn day - $2,999
This is the full package and it’s for those who want us to truly document their whole day. Many people want to do something extra fun with their bridesmaids or groomsmen on the morning of their wedding. Want to also remember the morning spa treatment or football game? Take us along!

Want Even More?
If you need us for more than just one day, or hey, maybe you want to have your wedding in sunny Hawaii! Clearly you’re not “one size fits all” kind of people, contact us so we can meet (or Skype) and figure out what will work best for your wedding!